Thrift Stores

Thrift Stores can be a goldmine of amazing deals for professional thrifters. Understanding what it takes to become better at knowing when to snag a deal is as easy as utilizing timing, location, and a few other resources.


While it may be tempting to go to a thrift store near a wealthy neighborhood, with the thought process that they will have thrown out more expensive clothing, in reality, small-town thrift stores are getting many more donations shipped in because they don’t have much stock. Fewer people are also aware of this fact which is less competition for you.


The most convenient time to go to a thrift store is on a weekend, but the best time is midweek. Wednesday has been proven to be the best day to thrift, it’s before the weekend rush. If you can find the day when inventory is restocked then it’s even better to get in as soon as it is.


You need to know what’s a good find when you find it! Otherwise, you may be overpaying. You can use label resources like Vintage Fashion Guild to differentiate different labels. Try to look up some expensive label brands so you know when you hit the clothing jackpot!

Clothing Sizes:

Another thing to take into consideration is that older clothing may be sized differently. Vintage clothing can run 4-6 sizes smaller than modern clothing and after being through the wash multiple times it may have shrunk as well. If you’re planning on wearing the clothing or reselling it you should be aware of this.

Online Resources:

Websites and Apps like ThredUp are online thrift stores! While it may be harder to get your hands on a great deal, it’s always fun to look through just in case.