Price Matching

Many of the biggest retailers from Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and Century 21 have all adopted price matching and it’s a great thing for us as consumers. Price Matching allows you to save on travel and lets you know you’re getting the best price in a store - as long as you follow some tips. 

Apps such as ShopSavvy let you scan barcodes and see how much other stores are charging for the same item. If you’re in Walmart planning on buying a Computer, price matching is as easy as scanning a barcode and viewing competitors' prices. If they’re lower then you just have to take advantage of the price match guarantee at the register.

It’s also important to monitor price drops after you make a purchase. Stores such as Best Buy will refund you money if the price of an item you bought goes down shortly after you buy it. We recommend checking the prices of recent purchases for up to one month after if you’re looking for some extra cash back.

It’s important to be aware of each store’s price matching policy because they are very different. There are item restrictions and product exclusions you should know about before making a big purchase. Some stores may only price match one item, like Walmart and others aren’t eligible for clearance prices and so forth. Read the fine print to be extra cautious during your next purchase.