Amazon Prime: Get the Most out of your Membership

Let’s keep this simple and concise If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you should. Here are half a dozen reasons why and how to get the most out of it.

1. Free 2 day shipping on prime items

Thousands of items all can be at your door within 2 days (and many by tomorrow) inclusive in your subscription. It takes one Buy Now Click to make it happen - nobody has that good of service.

2. Food Within Hours

Since the acquisition of Whole Foods, you can now order all of your groceries online and set a time window for them to arrive within the next 2 hours.

3. 5% cashback with Amazon’s Card

Every purchase just got a whole lot cheaper. Amazon will even throw in gift cards when you sign up for a card and then from there, your Amazon Prime subscription will pay for itself with the discounts you receive.

4. Free Video and Music Streaming

Move over Netflix! Amazon has entered the streaming space and included in the cost of your subscription you get access to hundreds of shows and movies, & music too to watch/listen to at any time.

5. Membership Sharing

Live in a household with a few other people? You can all take advantage of one account to stream and shop through, split the cost!

6. Smart Home Deals

Building your smart home with Amazon’s Alexa is a no brainer. It’s so simple to use and you can order through Prime just by telling Alexa to order for you!

There’s no hassle to subscribe and unsubscribe with Prime. The monthly subscription now costs as little as $12.99/month and only $6.49/month for students.