Outlet Malls

Do you ever wonder how outlet malls can afford to sell you high-quality clothing at such a discounted price? The truth is simple and very beneficial for you: it’s because they have nowhere else to put the extra clothes beyond throwing it away. An outlet mall is filled with stores that offer huge discounts and bargains that never sold out off the shelves. 

One misconception about outlet stores is that the quality is worse. This is not true. While outlet stores may have started that way years ago, now they are the exact same clothes that you saw in the stores months ago - they’ve just been moved into the outlet store. Outlet stores are typically located in areas where the rent is cheaper to make up for the price difference which may require you to drive farther but will be worth the savings you can find.

What you’ll find in outlet stores is probably the clothes you saw in the retail location over a month ago. The clothes usually went through the retail store's sales cycle from on the rack, to clearance, to the outlet store. Here, you’ll be able to find prices lower than the clearance section of the brand’s stores. This makes outlet stores the prime candidate for finding cool wardrobes for next year or the perfect mix and match outfits for today.

While the selections will certainly be less than ideal, you may see an outfit that was too expensive at less than half the price now. Be aware that many casual sizes will be harder to find in outlet stores because they are more likely to have been bought already, but there will always be some clothing stocked for every type of buyer.