Sales Cycles

Shopping retail can be exploited by knowing as much as possible about a company’s sales cycle. Their sales cycle is when new items come in and old items go on sale or are removed. In retail, sales cycles typically move with the seasons, hence they are known as Seasonal sales cycles.

A typical clothing sales cycle lasts from 6-8 weeks. When you walk into a store you’ll be greeted with the newest and most expensive clothes, this is a trick to get you to see those first and buy them! The oldest clothing that’s marked down the most will typically be towards the back, where the stores will hope you’ll already have picked up a few expensive items before reaching.

The biggest sales cycle comes at Christmas. During this time you should NOT be buying jewelry. While it’s hard to budget a year in advance the best time to buy Jewelry is after the Christmas Sales Cycle until after Valentine’s Day. This is when retailers will discount jewelry the most to get rid of any extra items they have to make room for more. 

Think about a sales cycle as you would with Halloween or Easter Candy. Right after Halloween and Easter their candies immediately drop 50%! This is because significantly fewer people are buying it! If you’re smart and you just love candy now is your time to buy! The same thing applies to seasonal sales cycles for clothing. Once the Winter ends it’s your chance to pack up on extra Winter clothing! Shop smarter!