Clearance Shopping Tips

Ah the clearance rack, finding clothing you love in the clearance rack is like striking gold. We all just hope that the outfit we saw weeks ago will be in the clearance rack and in our size. While we might look at the clearance rack as a hodgepodge of items there is a method to the madness. Furthermore understanding the method to the madness will help you score big.

First of all, you need to understand the sales cycles. Sales cycles are when new clothes come into the store and when they go into clearance. New clothing will typically come into the store and be placed near the front of the store, with more expensive clothing at the very front. After six to eight weeks that clothing will be moved to clearance to make way for newer clothes. This is your time to strike.

You should come shopping on a Thursday to hit clearance first. On Thursday items will begin to get marked down for the weekend rush. When you get there on a Thursday you’re beating everyone else and getting first dibs on markdowns. The clothing might get marked down further on Friday or Saturday but it could be gone too.

To ensure the best bang for your buck you should shop at the end of a season. This is when a lot of clothing will be available at a good price. Surely you can try shopping out of season, but by then most of the best deals will have been taken by shoppers that know what to look for.

Now that you know what to look for it’s time to hit the clearance racks!