Set a Budget

Plain and simply shopping budgets allow you to do more shopping in the long run. We have to think about our future selves! That’s exactly what a budget protects - no matter how badly you want to go over it! 

When setting a budget it’s always important to track your spending. Firstly, you should allocate your money towards what is most important such as bills. When you have that tallied up you can begin to a lot a budget towards shopping. 

Once you have a shopping budget it’s important to make a list and begin it by putting down the essentials. If you’re shopping for food make sure you are only writing down exactly what you need to survive! For shopping, make sure that your list is geared towards the season's essentials.

Essentials checked? Now before you add the things you want, take time to go coupon hunting to see if you can bring the price tag of your essential items down. That $50 outfit might be on sale for $20 if you use coupons and savings websites like RetailMeNot. In fact, even if there are no coupons you can still save money with apps like ShopKick. 

After your essentials are booked you can finally add the things you want - make sure to find great deals! You can find great deals with flash sale apps and if nothing strikes the eye put your money into savings - you’ll thank yourself later! Budgeting appropriately while shopping always results in a better mindset and it can be a lot of fun. The most important rule is to know what’s essential and what isn’t! Always think ahead about what events are coming up in case you’ll need to purchase more food or a different outfit.