Free Shipping

Anytime you are not getting free shipping you should really be questioning if the purchase is worth it. Free shipping has become a staple of online shopping and it should be the minimum amount you are saving by now. 

Subscription services like Amazon Prime have set the standard for free shipping. For as much as you’re paying getting free 2-day shipping on most orders is more than worth it. If you use your Amazon Prime subscription as little as two times per month you are saving money with the subscription. Kasndjkandsjknadjkna add words

Along with Amazon, there are a number of other ‘free’ shipping subscription services available. For clothing, ShopRunner does a great job with their two-day shipping service. The service costs $80/year so it’s only necessary if you buy enough clothes online. If you are shopping for clothes online at least once a month and making purchases then ShopRunner is worth it. They do free 2 days shipping and free returns within their model.

Many shopping websites will give you your first order’s shipping for free as long as you enter your email address. If necessary and not against the terms and conditions, then keep signing up with new emails to get free shipping on each order. You can pair your online shopping with extensions such as Honey which will automatically apply the best shipping or overall best available discount to your order. They search the entire internet for coupon codes that work.