Shop with a List

Whether you choose to make your list in an app or on a piece of paper, shopping with a list should be mandatory! The days of saying “I forgot to get the milk!” should be long gone by now. The benefits of checklists and shopping lists have been researched intensively and the results strongly favor using a checklist. Take this study for example: In 100 Michigan hospitals checklists were introduced and the infection rate during surgery dropped from 4% to 0% and saved over $200 million. Now, don’t expect to save $200 million dollars from using a shopping list, but do expect to save gas money and headaches!

Let’s look at how having a shopping list will save you money in the long run. Firstly, when you write down what you need you’ll be able to tell the difference from what you want. Everything on your shopping list will be exactly what you’re shopping for, if there’s no candy or other items on it, then don’t buy more! Your shopping list is also a great budget setter. From time to time write down the prices of the items on your list and you’ll know exactly how much you're going to be spending and from there you can add or remove some of the products. Additionally, you won’t be making more than one trip to the store and you’ll save time inside of the store. You won’t have to wander from aisle to aisle when you know exactly what you need in your list.

If you prefer writing down your list that’s great! For those of us that need a great shopping list app, check out Out of Milk. The app is available on both IOS and Android. It’s super simple to use and very straightforward. You literally just enter the items you need into the app, just like you’re writing them down. Just make sure to remember to charge your phone!